Uncle Rico or Napoleon Dynamite?

When it comes to how you approach your past present or future, we all have choices in how we handle our progress or lack thereof.

Most of us would prefer to move ahead in life with consistent growth and abundance and that doesn’t happen by chance. We have to take certain steps or we end up languishing along the way.

Anyone who has attended a high school reunion or similar gathering can attest to the fact that there are plenty of people who seem to be living their lives in the past.

Either they beat themselves up for mistakes made 20 or 30 years ago or they hold on to their accomplishments from yesteryear.

Ofttimes they feel that they don’t deserve a brighter future because they want to justify that they can’t have a brighter future because of past decisions.

Just like Uncle Rico from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”, they’re looking backwards instead of forwards.

If you’ve seen this film, you’ll remember Uncle Rico sitting on the front porch reminiscing about what might have happened if his high school coach had just put him in the football game.

Rico was certain that his team would have won the game and then taken the state title. He would have been recruited by the NCAA and then the NFL and would have a Super Bowl ring on his finger.

Rico would have been spending his time sitting in his hot tub with his soul mate instead of living out of a van and selling plastic bowls.

His nephew Napoleon, on the other hand, looks to the future despite his current challenges.

He goes after what he wants, supports his friends along the way, and ends up finding the love he was looking for.

Which character do you find yourself resembling and how will that play out in your future?

Getting the Future You Want

You simply take one or two minutes and you identify the future you want by jotting down about 3 or 4 bullet points. Next, you decide which part of the past gets to come along. The rest you leave behind.

Finally, you utilize the present to make the best possible progress.

Some of the things you may want in your brighter future might include stronger family relationships, your family’s relationship with God, staying in top physical shape and maintaining good nutritional habits, and teaching others how to live in abundance.

From the past, you may want to consider bringing along your best family heritage and traditions and the experiences–both good and bad–that you’ve learned from and that have shaped your future.

When it comes to utilizing the present to make the best possible progress you can choose to continue to focus on what’s going right in your life.

Other strategies might include having constant gratitude, staying in motion, and always adding value to the world by making yourself necessary every day.

Finally, you’ll want to use the best tools possible so you can adhere to true principles, employ proven strategies and concepts, and grow in an exponential fashion.

This exercise may sound simple, but it’s a powerful tool that enables you to clarify where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’d like to go.

It’s one more way to claim a better tomorrow by outlining what you want your future to look like instead of looking over your shoulder at a rapidly receding past.

Remember, authentic wealth is more than just financial. It’s the abundant life that covers all the bases and leaves a lasting legacy for those who will follow us.


Doug Andrew