Speed up your dreams

A tool of the Knowledge Systems by Knowles.

Empowerment: The purpose of my company is to empower people to think through choices.  Often times, I’ve found that the majority of us do not know what our choices are.  We clearly know what we don’t want in work, life, home, future, family and all.  And to think about what we do want can sometimes begin with what we don’t want.  Our biggest insight into our personal success is to say: “THIS IS WHAT I WANT.”

Clearly defining what you want is like you are focusing the lens of a camera.  With how much, how many, by when statements.  Empowerment in my world is being in the question, in asking the appropriate questions designed to focus the camera and discover what can be possible.  Education is key.  I’m not talking about going back to school education, but curiosity and belief in that we can, in our country, choose to succeed in.  Think about it.

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Lynette Robbins