Choosing Your Neighborhood

Choosing Your Neighborhood We’ve all heard, “monkey see, monkey do”. This saying refers to a facet of human nature known as reflexivity. This simply means that the behaviors, attitudes, and choices of the folks with whom we choose to associate tend to rub off on us. This can also apply to the books we read […]


The Two Dollar Rule Teaches Awareness

All progress begins by telling the truth. And the people we must be perfectly honest with starts with ourselves. That honesty is what enables us to live above the line in the zone of responsibility and accountability. Responsibility means that we respond with all of our God-given faculties and abilities in any situation rather than […]


The Right Systems Produce Predictability

One way to create predictability is to have the right systems in place so that no matter what unforeseen circumstances arrive, our financial goals stay on course. The word “system” itself can represent an acronym that stands for Save Your Self Time Energy and Money. One of the best things about having predictability in our […]


Randomness Is Not Your Friend

Would you rather have a life of predictability or a life of randomness? Let’s try a simple math exercise. Pick any number between one and ten. Now take that number and double it. Next add eight to that number. Now divide that number in half. What number do you have now? Next, you’ll need to […]


Scammers charging $9.84 to stolen credit card numbers

A new credit card scam has surfaced. The Better Business Bureau says credit card users should be looking for a small and specific amount of money that might have been stolen. HLN explains that ‘if you see a charge for $9.84 on your credit card statement, you may have been scammed. And for some reason, […]


Wanting to succeed is required!

The most important quality essential to success is perseverance. 
It overcomes almost everything, even nature. Success is connected with continuous action. 
It’s largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. You’re not finished when you’re defeated, 
you’re only finished when you quit. You can have a fresh start any time you choose, […]