Rates Will Move When the Fed Does

Think all rates would just tick a little higher as the Fed tightens? That isn’t how it works. It has been so long since the Federal Reserve last raised interest rates that few people probably remember when it happened: June 2006. Now, although the timing isn’t certain, a Fed rate increase is likely sometime this […]


What Most Accountants and Financial Advisors Don’t Know

Tax Free contracts, structured correctly under tax citations and the Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984, and the Technical and Miscellaneous Act of 1988 are the key to tax-free retirement savings. Few tax and financial advisors understand how to utilize these options. They may have heard these terms […]


Speed up your dreams

A tool of the Knowledge Systems by Knowles. Empowerment: The purpose of my company is to empower people to think through choices.  Often times, I’ve found that the majority of us do not know what our choices are.  We clearly know what we don’t want in work, life, home, future, family and all.  And to […]


10 of America’s Richest Cities

Consisting of 3.8 million square miles, The United States is a largely diverse set of land. Within its vast borders that touch both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, exists a diverse group of citizens who vary in belief, lifestyle, history and income level. Using data from the latest Five-Year American Community Survey, FindtheHome.com has compiled […]


Women at Work: A Guide for Men – WSJ – December 12, 2014

WSJ – December 12, 2014 Even the most well-intentioned male managers can be clueless when dealing with women in the workplace.We are flooded with career-advice books for women. There are women’s networking groups and leadership conferences galore. But they’re all geared toward women, consumed primarily by women and discussed among women. I am convinced that women […]


Keeping Tabs on Taxes and Inflation

If your wealth resides mostly in real estate, you probably already know that your hard earned equity can vanish during those times that real estate markets plummet. On a similar note, if you’re still saving part or most of your serious money for the future in either a 401(k) or in an IRA, your retirement […]


Managing ourselves is knowing ourselves

Over these many years as a Coach/Consultant to individuals and companies, there seems to be a trend that surrounds how we make decisions when it comes to finance and future. Living in Regret: When I speak to people, I ask them about the regrets they have about not making the best choices in their past […]


Uncle Rico or Napoleon Dynamite?

When it comes to how you approach your past present or future, we all have choices in how we handle our progress or lack thereof. Most of us would prefer to move ahead in life with consistent growth and abundance and that doesn’t happen by chance. We have to take certain steps or we end […]


What We Can Learn From 3 Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs is more than just a story to entertain children. We remember that the fate of the houses built of straw and sticks was pretty awful, right? Only the house built of bricks was sturdy enough to withstand the huffing and puffing that destroyed the others. This fable can also be used […]