Rates Will Move When the Fed Does

Think all rates would just tick a little higher as the Fed tightens? That isn’t how it works. It has been so long since the Federal Reserve last raised interest rates that few people probably remember when

Speed up your dreams

A tool of the Knowledge Systems by Knowles. Empowerment: The purpose of my company is to empower people to think through choices.  Often times, I’ve found that the majority of us do not know what our choices

10 of America’s Richest Cities

Consisting of 3.8 million square miles, The United States is a largely diverse set of land. Within its vast borders that touch both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, exists a diverse group of citizens who vary in

Keeping Tabs on Taxes and Inflation

If your wealth resides mostly in real estate, you probably already know that your hard earned equity can vanish during those times that real estate markets plummet. On a similar note, if you’re still saving part or