Meghan Rice

Vice President

Meghan brings over ten years of professional management experience to Knowles Systems. Her background begins with her BA in Literature, BS in Biology from The George Washington University. While studying in DC she was able to intern at CNN for a year and a half. Also, Meghan is working on her Masters in Business Administration from Boston College. Meghan Rice is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have guided her throughout her career.

With management experience at Harvard Institute of Medicine overseeing operations for a team of doctors and their laboratory assistants, Meghan’s team headed up stem cell research in the Dermatology Lab for the Institute. Meghan started her own business, a fine art gallery, at age 23. From fine art and gallery management, she moved into business development roles and operations management. In every company, Kennedy Gallery, Quidley & Co, Harvard Institute Medicine, and most recently Knowles Systems, Meghan has achieved outstanding personal and team results. She finds her greatest motivation in working with others to perform above and beyond expectations. Her drive, passion, and analytic mind make her ideally suited for the financial consulting world.

With knowledge and experience in day to day operations both at the technical level as well as marketing, team building and financial focus, Meghan’s spirit to achieve and assist are complimented by Knowles Systems who assist Americans in gaining prosperity.