After years of research and study, we have found solutions to building wealth that are little known or talked about. In fact, wealthy people utilize these methods to build their wealth. They understand how leverage works and what procedures to use to build wealth. Most banks will not tell you about these strategies. Why not? Because banks would need to educate their customers on how to implement these strategies and that is not what banks do today. Through the ingenuity of wealth building programs, The Knowles Systems has created a method so simple and easy to understand for building financial security. The first comment we often hear from our customers is: “This sounds too good to be true!” While it may sound to good to be true, every strategy that we offer is indeed completely sound, legal and true. Our referral business is incredible. People pass the word to everyone they meet. There is no need for fear of finances today.


Being in control of your money and doing the right thing for you, your family and the future is what we teach. Having a choice, making a decision based in fact, not emotion, tradition or opinions. That is what The Knowles Systems give you. You will not be victim to needless financial losses. You will be protected from the threat of no social security, loss of Medicare, credit card danger, taxes increases, poverty, losing your home. Our system is a systematic process that teaches you what famous authors have been talking about in the past decade.


At a rate of growth you could not imagine, you will build your wealth with the Knowles System. What you thought would take a lifetime to build, can be built within a much shorter time frame.

While sitting bedside Lynette listened to the stories of the Knowles’ family history and the great men who came before. Theodore Knowles Leutz told these stories at the age of 87. His frail body had become bed ridden but the sparkle in his eyes intrigued her.

TK, as his friends and family called him, was the son of a blind violinist. Following in his fathers’ footstep, TK achieved incredible career objectives by heading the Schubert’s Theaters Orchestra in Boston, MA, for over 40 years. TK’s mother Grace, also a musician was the niece of Winston Nickerson Knowles. Winston, parented 4 sons, all sea captains from Brewster Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Knowles Systems, Inc. is named after the family. There were seven sea captains of clipper ships. Josiah Nickerson Knowles was the most written about and captained “The Glory of the Seas” CAPTAIN JOSIAH NICKERSON KNOWLES was born on Cape Cod, MA, to a family of sea Captains in the 1830s. Donald McKay was a designer and builder of square rigged Clipper Ships, known for the speed in which they moved from destination to destination. Donald McKay’s most famous ship was the “Flying Cloud.”


Falling on hard times, Mr. McKay launched his last ship, “Glory of the Seas” in East Boston, MA, in 1867 to reclaim his fortune. Captain Josiah Nickerson Knowles assumed command of the “Glory of the Seas” in Southampton England in 1872 and would be her master until his retirement from the Sea in 1884.

Captain Knowles main trade route was Southampton, England, New York, and San Francisco. He also plied the China trade. His travels took him around the Cape Horn at the tip of South America…one of the most dangerous waters to sail in the world. On one trip, it took the “Glory” more than 30 days to round the tip of South America.

Captain Knowles contribution to sailing and ships in general was the design and implementation of the shelter for the helmsman. Before this happened, the helmsman or wheelman stood exposed to all the elements of nature. This enclosure is now known as the wheelhouse. The Wheelhouse protects the helmsman from the weather thus increasing the speed of the ship and accuracy of the course set.

Captain Josiah Nickerson Knowles
Captain Josiah Nickerson Knowles

In honor of Captain Josiah Nickerson Knowles, whose ingenuity, protected the helmsman and thus increased the speed of the voyage, we proudly named our company.

Lynette’s husband, Theodore Francis Leutz, CEO of The Knowles Group, is the son of Theodore Knowles Leutz and the Great nephew of Josiah Nickerson Knowles. His life has been modeled from the integrity and honor of the Knowles men before him. Ted’s career of 44 years with the financial industry, is born from the belief that people need to make new choices based in facts not traditions, emotions or opinions.

Ted is also a musician. His musical career has led him through many venue’s from the Boston Symphony to the Rondells, a national act in the 60’s also performing on the Jackie Gleason Show. Ted’s love of the Blues and his incredible ability to play the drums with any band is an inspiration as well as dedication to the traditions of The Knowles Family of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The grandson of Theodore Knowles Leutz, is a Lieutenant Commander (ret) in the Navy and has served our country globally. Raised on Cape Cod, Andrew chose to join the Navy at the young age of 17. Today, Andrew has three daughters. His ventures have taken him world wide and the love of the sea continues.

In today’s economy, we are threatened with overwhelming debt, outrageous health care costs, social security ending, Medicare costs rising another 17% in 2005, lack of savings, and not enough money to get from paycheck to pay check.

At Knowles Systems, Inc., we educate you on how the rules have changed which no one told us about. We make you aware why you make the decisions you make about money are right for today’s times, not what might have been done by prior generations.

Today we can take control of our wealth. Once we learn how the three types of money work in our lives, we can control those lost opportunity dollars. The methods are simple and easy to understand. No heavy lifting here.