Jordan Goodman

Jordan Goodman has spent the past 37 years focused on one mission: to help Americans do better with their money. In a career spanning newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, live events, tele seminars, and the Internet, he has helped millions of people to solve their financial problems and realize their financial dreams.

Since 2008, we’ve stayed connected to Jordan as he has us. The crisis so many American’s went through in 2008 ignited more interest from Jordan’s listeners on how to keep their money safe and out of the stock market. With the rise in recent years of the Stock Market, we all know there is a correction coming soon. With that knowledge, Jordan is forewarning his listeners to get safe and out of the market as much as possible to conserve and preserve their retirement portfolio.

We are honored that Jordan has selected the Knowles Systems, Inc. to educate and guide people to a safe place no matter what the market is doing.

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