Thank you everyone for the trust and confidence you have given us.

We hold each person we meet as the most important person in the world. Here are a few comments from our clients:

“What is so outstanding about the Knowles System is that it first gives clients a comprehensive understanding of their own financial situations. So by the time the Knowles team presents detailed investment and insurance proposals for their clients’ consideration, their clients grasp clearly what their own needs and options are. They also see that the Knowles team has carefully taken their needs into account in designing the proposals. The entire process supports the clients in both comprehending and trusting what the Knowles team proposes. Many, therefore, are willing to enter into and sustain a major, long-term strategy that will serve them well in retirement.”
-Jordan Goodman, Author “America’s Money Answers Man”

“Thank you for giving us your time, dedication, understanding and most of all your incredible combined expertise for designing our future. We had no idea where to start in building our portfolio for retirement. The Knowles System is a unique and personalized learning system.”
-Katie and Dean K, NY

“We didn’t know where or how to guarantee that we would never run out of money before we ran out of life until we experienced the Knowles Systems. Now we have a plan of action and know our course. Thank you for guiding us through knowledge and understanding on how our money works.”
-Bob and Sharon A, CO

“Saying that you care is one thing and showing it is another. Lynette and Ted have gone that extra mile for us and given us awareness of our own strengths and filled in the blanks on areas we did not understand about our money, retirement, leave behind for our kids and most of all the peace of mind we have today because we know our investments are safe. Thank you both for all you have shared with us.”
-John and Christine R, OH

“We believe that relationships are built over time. With your methods of The Knowles Systems, you gave us time to think through what we wanted. With a roadmap, we designed our future with your guidance and then having Ted’s One Stop for Life Software show us the logic to support our decisions made our journey with you exciting and renewed our desire to achieve our next steps toward fulfilling our retirement goals. It is so good to sleep at night and not worry about tomorrow.”
-Larry and Anita G, WI

“Joan and I have been your clients over the past 7 years. Our trust in your guidance has proven to be one of the best decisions we’ve made as a couple. Today, our portfolio has accelerated and with no market loss. We never experienced the downfall or loss of 2008 because you took the time to guide us through safe choices. We thank you both for your dedication that goes beyond any service we’ve experienced in the Financial Industry.”
-David and Joan P, MA

“When I met you through Jordan Goodman’s advice, I was reluctant and insecure to work with people I didn’t know and also about my lack of knowledge in investments. In the past when talking to professionals in the financial world, I felt like I was not ready to make decisions because all they would talk to me about were products. My experience with Knowles is about me and what I want to achieve. Seeing how Lynette and Ted work synergistically toward designing my future based on what I want blew my mind. It is like a recipe that comes together in the most amazing process. Thank you both for all you have done for me.”
-Heather S, ILL


“Knowles works diligently at making every effort to be certain that your investment is safe and that there is a very low probability that the borrower will default. The interest payment is made promptly and questions addressed professionally.” Lanny S. – Colorado

“Since Jordan introduced us to Knowles and the opportunity to invest we have been very pleased with investment plan and the response from Knowles when we had questions. We would recommend your company to others.” David H. – Texas


“Knowles Systems makes it very easy to invest. Anyone I have dealt with at Knowles has been super polite and answered any questions I had.” Mary Ann P. – Colorado


“Check always on time and now direct deposit. Easy to re-invest after first year, again at 6%.” John M. – Colorado