Our team is delighted to have you visit our site. Lynette Robbins and her husband/partner Ted Leutz are the Founders of The Knowles Systems, Inc. With high level experience in the consulting and the financial professions, they merged in 2002 to form The Knowles Systems, LLC.

Our process begins with learning from our clients what each individual or family requires and then we educate you on options available in today’s financial world to achieve those goals.  As consultants, we assist you in creating a vision of what you want down the road.


There are things you want to do with your money today, but the bigger question is how can the choices you make today set you up to achieve longer-term goals?

With the Knowles Systems, you work with strategists to discover your hidden answers to your own questions.

The Accomplishment Program:

Based on your needs, you are paired with an expert who tailors the speed and order of our innovative 3-Step Strategy learning and design system.

Your Customized Strategy:

Your strategy is designed, built and delivered to assist you in achieving goals that are most important to you while keeping you financially secure.

Tailor-Made Solutions:

The Knowles System breaks down the bigger goals of your strategy into achievable steps.

As you go through these pages, know that we have built our website to empower you with knowledge, advise you with new ideas about your future and provide you with tools to investigate the track you are on to see if provides for you what you ultimately want.