American Voters May Be Catching On

Last November’s election may not have made huge waves, but it’s clear that in many ways voters are not happy with Congress and their elected leaders for a perceived lack of progress. A large number of bills that originated in the House have been stalled in the Senate for some time now. Starting in January, […]


Managing ourselves is knowing ourselves

Over these many years as a Coach/Consultant to individuals and companies, there seems to be a trend that surrounds how we make decisions when it comes to finance and future. Living in Regret: When I speak to people, I ask them about the regrets they have about not making the best choices in their past […]


U.S. Treasury Market Goes OFF Script

The crosscurrents roiling the bond market intensified Thursday, as the gap between short- and long-term U.S. Treasury yields narrowed in the latest sign of uncertainty over the pace of U.S. growth. Yields on short-term U.S. Treasury debt maturing in two to five years hit the highest level since 2011, reflecting an investor scramble to place […]


Jordan Goodman on Money Answers Show

Jordan Goodman interviews Ted Leutz and Lynette Robbins on the power of planning and working with a Strategy Team that assists their clients in building a pathway to financial freedom. http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/66045/overcoming-the-fears-of-outliving-our-incomes —


New Credit Scores to Ease Access to Loans

by ANNAMARIA ANDRIOTIS Updated Aug. 7, 2014 11:54 p.m. ET A change in how the most widely used credit score in the U.S. is tallied will likely make it easier for tens of millions of Americans to get loans. Fair Isaac Corp. FICO -1.19% said Thursday that it will stop including in its FICO credit-score […]


For FedEx and UPS, a Cheaper Route: the Post Office

FedEx Corp. FDX +1.42% and United Parcel Service Inc. UPS +0.15% increasingly are moving their own packages through the U.S. Postal Service, putting pressure on the quasigovernmental agency and raising questions about whether the USPS is charging enough for the service. For FedEx alone, the post office delivers an average of 2.2 million packages a […]