6% Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loans

There are several reasons why the mortgage bridge loans are so safe: 1.The company putting these deals together does extensive financial underwriting of the commercial real estate borrower to make absolutely sure they are in great financial

Einstein’s Rule of 72

Divide 72 by the interest rate to find out how long it will take money to double at that interest rate. An Example Divide 72 by 6% = 12 years Divide 72 by 12% = 6 years

The Right Systems Produce Predictability

One way to create predictability is to have the right systems in place so that no matter what unforeseen circumstances arrive, our financial goals stay on course. The word “system” itself can represent an acronym that stands

Randomness Is Not Your Friend

Would you rather have a life of predictability or a life of randomness? Let’s try a simple math exercise. Pick any number between one and ten. Now take that number and double it. Next add eight to

Wanting to succeed is required!

The most important quality essential to success is perseverance. 
It overcomes almost everything, even nature. Success is connected with continuous action. 
It’s largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. You’re not finished when