Keeping Tabs on Taxes and Inflation

If your wealth resides mostly in real estate, you probably already know that your hard earned equity can vanish during those times that real estate markets plummet. On a similar note, if you’re still saving part or

Choosing Your Neighborhood

Choosing Your Neighborhood We’ve all heard, “monkey see, monkey do”. This saying refers to a facet of human nature known as reflexivity. This simply means that the behaviors, attitudes, and choices of the folks with whom we

U.S. Treasury Market Goes OFF Script

The crosscurrents roiling the bond market intensified Thursday, as the gap between short- and long-term U.S. Treasury yields narrowed in the latest sign of uncertainty over the pace of U.S. growth. Yields on short-term U.S. Treasury debt

The Two Dollar Rule Teaches Awareness

All progress begins by telling the truth. And the people we must be perfectly honest with starts with ourselves. That honesty is what enables us to live above the line in the zone of responsibility and accountability.